Optimize Success, Leadership and Management!

Success by fostering contributions and partnerships

We believe in long-term strategies. That’s why we foster partnerships, because when others succeed, you succeed too. We believe in interactions to make this happen. You get understandings of your business and potentials, your specific goals and needs. We design and deliver long lasting solutions for professionals and creators to be successful and thrive. We love to see you effectively happy.

Empower your success and effectiveness

Gain the latest experience and understanding of how you can optimize people contributions as a lasting platform for success and effectiveness. Boost your own confidence and expertise on interaction and organization while having an effective voice offering human strategies while empowering your business objectives.

Leadership by activating knowledge and human potentials

More than 30 years of direct experience in the changing world of interaction and work conditions has given us a stable and practical understanding of people and their expertise in unleashing their potential with thriving ambitions. Because we apply this expertise to very personal business opportunities we love to share this knowledge and the success and satisfaction that effectively come with it.

Empower Leadership

Empower your leadership and organization Empower potentials through groundbreaking approaches to people and their ambitions. By creating a culture that promotes energy and thrives on innovation, you ensure that great ideas are embedded into your organization and that change is successfully managed. Aligning human skills and potentials directly to your business strategy means your organization is primed to take the lead when opportunities arise. You will strengthen ‘futuring’ skills such as sensing change while maintaining long-term views, resulting in an improved ability to shape your future and business perspectives.

Management by ensuring healthy conditions and creative solutions

With successful people management you’ll get a culture in which people are fully engaged and empowered to think creatively and to thrive in a highly interactive environment. Anticipating individual, social and economic trends places your management in a pivotal role – positioning people at the heart of your organization. You’ll get all the expertise and talent-related capabilities that you need to leverage the power of people within your organization. You enable yourself to craft, refine and apply a ‘Living Strategy’ doing so. You’ll stimulate the organism of your organization to grow and go from where it is now to where it by nature wants to be in future.

Empower your management and interactions

Dialogues and interactions are crucial to organizations. As one of the world-leading authorities on people skills and interactive organizations, MY-organization delivers a level of scientific rigor and sober business know how that sets this program apart from the rest. Cutting-edge research and theory are turned into actionable insights, which you can apply immediately to your own professional challenges.