How do your central systems affect decentralized people activities?
How do your global systems affect local one to one and team activities?
How do your quantitative systems affect qualified people activities?

To be practical: Are you and are others always there when needed? Are people and teams able to freely and independently work by them selves doing the way they want things to be done? How are things going in the communication and interaction scene? Are you and are your colleagues qualified and effective regarding your personal motivations and targets?

All management efforts come down to a people management, whatever your level of system automation and robotized processes. Where do organizational demands meet all the functional competences? Where do the functional needs meet the individual competences? How do you measure and manage these? Are these 3 layers in the supply and demand chain of competences well organized? How do the bottom-up dynamics relate to the top-downs? How is the interaction scene going? How successful and happy are your colleagues and team units really?